Mountain Picture Library of The Scottish Highlands, The Lake District, Snowdonia, The Himalayas and Everest

Welcome to the Photography of Ian Evans

Ian Evans is an accomplished and much respected Scottish-based mountaineer, photographer, writer and speaker on the mountains of Britain and The Himalaya. His images and the accompanying narrative showcased on this website represent not only a stunning and perceptive interpretation of some of the world's most magnificent mountain landscapes, but they are also a personal record of one man's search for adventure that reaches out to the very roof of the world.

The Classic Mountain Views

Ian's images capture the classic and traditional views of the mountains in the very best of conditions. Only the minimal amount of corrective work is carried out on the original digital negatives obtained in the field; they are not colour enhanced, over-saturated, over-sharpened nor over-worked. The textures and colours you see are a true and accurate representation of the view Ian saw on the day and captured the image.